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FAQs - Instructor-Led Classes



Yes. Your instructor can give you the requirements for a passing grade in the online class. This grade does not provide credit toward any exam or designation. It is for your personal use or if your company requires a passing grade to reimburse you for the class fee.

In most courses, yes. You have unlimited opportunities to retake any quiz to improve your scores, however, if it is an essay quiz, your instructor may only grade your first or most recent attempt.

Some courses allow only limited attempts on quizzes. Details on quiz limitations are available in each course.


You can edit your profile by selecting profile.  Edit profile and you can add  picture and edit personal information.  You will not be able to change your username.

You can access the quiz to review in 2 different ways:

1 - Click on Grades on the left, then select the quiz, or
2 - Simply click on the quiz in the middle section of the screen

Then, click the number under "attempt" to view that attempt on the quiz. If you've taken the quiz multiple times, all attempts will be listed and you can look at each one individually by selecting the attempt.

Click on the forum you want to answer. (This is the item on the main page with the 2 little speech bubbles icon.)

If nobody has responded:

  • Click "Add a new discussion topic"
  • Enter a subject and your message.
  • Hit "submit."

If someone has already responded, you can follow the steps above or

  • Click on the title of the message you want to read.
  • Hit reply in the bottom right corner of that message.
  • Enter a subject and your message.
  • Hit "submit."

All of our instructor-led classes are designed to prepare for a specific exam window (i.e. April-June 2010). We generally leave the classroom open until the end of the next testing window (in this example, September 2010).

The exception to this is if the study materials are significantly changing for the next testing window. In that case, you will only have access to the classroom until the end of the testing window for which the class was scheduled.

Special note: While you may still have access to the material, your instructor will probably not be in the classroom after the target testing window.


CE credit is not available for participation in the online course.  However, many states provide CE credit for successfully passing the national credentialing exam. You can check our website for information on CE credits for passing our exams:


Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM eastern time. You can reach us by calling (800) 644-2101 or by e-mailing